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Basmati Rice

Basmati Rice

Basmati Rice ExportersRice is one of the grain foods that is used by a large part of population all over the world. Thousands of its species are cultivated in different regions but Basmati Rice is the most famous for its unmatched characteristics. Around the world we Deals in Basmati Rice and present it in the best form after processing it in our mills. Pakistan basmati rice is well known for its high quality, taste and enticing smell. In all the varieties of rice basmati is considered the finest.

What is Basmati Rice?

It is the premium species of Rice and mainly a product of subcontinent fertile lands. In some parts of America growers have become able to produce low standard basmati rice after lot of attempts and research. The main features of Pakistani Basmati Rice that establish its superiority are Delicious taste Appetizing aroma Long grain That species also has many varieties and Super Kernel Basmati is the most popular among these that is often known as super basmati. We select every single grain carefully and export tons of super basmati to our international clients every year.

Facts About Basmati Rice

Basmati Rice ExportersThe word Basmati means ‘queen of fragrance’ and clearly indicates the major quality of this type of grain. The grain is more in length and as cooked it is further increased. Our mills make the product of paddy fields more presentable by number of steps that end on the polishing of every grain. Brown and white color basmati rice is available to purchase.

Basmati Brown Rice

Basmati Rice ExportersBasmati brown rice has its own qualities but is not liked in many parts of the world as compared to the white and polished kind. The nutritional value of the brown rice is well established by the research of food scientists. We offer both types as both are preferred by people for certain reasons.

Best Basmati Rice

We select the finest quality of paddy (raw form of rice) and process it in our mills to produce best basmati rice for our customers. Our experience in the business let us serve our clients with the finest Pakistan Basmati Rice. In the milling process Basmati long grain rice is very carefully treated to avoid breakage and wastage.

Basmati Rice Exporter

We have been exporting basmati rice for years. The trust our clients have developed on us in these years is the result of our responsible approach to fulfill our commitments with them. As a basmati rice exporter we have earned a good name among the basmati rice exporters of Pakistan.

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